Lefkes - Brand photography

Athens, Greece

Lefkes on the side gives the choice of relaxation, good food, drink and beautiful environment for any time of the day.

Dishes that show the artistry of Chef Tasos Ntoumas and his team. Choosing from the best produce according to the season and using their knowledge and love of cooking, they continue to provide creative dishes.

I love a brand that takes care of its clients and provides valuable and unique services.

This is something that represents me completely. I want my clients, through our collaboration, to feel unique and special. I always provide top quality services beyond the ordinary, that reach the levels of elegance my clients need.

My advice to them is to build a brand which is an extension of their own personality, and do it so with passion and hard work. That’s the only way to connect with their audience.

Photographer: Despina Kouloglou

Location: Lefkes on the side

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