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Melanie and Noah

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Melanie and Noah

Michelle & Marce, July 8, 2018

Santorini will forever be my golden choice The ace in my sleeve. What can someone say about the caldera, the light, the blue, the people, the tavernas, the beaches… The island is one of the best vacation choices globally and of course, one of the top destinations for weddings in Europe. What if I say that this Oia elopement combines a little bit of ‘La Terra’ beauty…


The private house, the shoot was held was an old sailor’s house, built back in the 1600’s. Inspired by the Italian romance, and the Greek spirit, this elopement combines two different worlds in one glass of Vino!


The dream team of vendors, was like the national football team of Brazil back in the 00’s. No need for introduction… Beginning from Tie The Knot and Maria Sila who was responsible for the planning and design of this exquisite event and continuing with Betty Flowers Santorini who arranged all the florals. All the paper goods were Bright White’s creations. The fashion was an beautiful mix of a Made Bride by Antonea fairytale gown and Savrani Creations pair of Parisian inspired hand crafted high heels. Mariana Nomikou and Renia Bledaki were responsible for our beautiful bride’s beauty and such a bride could not wear something less than Kousvelaris’ Jewels.


What will truly leave you speechless are the two amazing hand created pink wedding cakes! The ‘Romantic’ one made of flowers and the ‘Elegant’ one created out of fine coloured stones! The two ingredients for the best reception.


This Santorini love story will forever be in my heart. Noah and Melanie, Melanie and Noah, I wish you all the best.


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