Sahadeva - Personal branding photo session

Athens, Greece

Sahadeva Yoga Center is located in Cholargos and is a space full of positive vibrations, inspired by Bali and India. It is a safe place to trust your spiritual growth, to open your heart and mind through the relaxing practice of yoga and release the emotional tension.

The Sanskrit word Sahadeva means “thousand gods”. Sahadeva was one of the characters of the Indian epic Mahabharata. He was the youngest of the Pandava brothers, known for his wisdom and knowledge.

Evi is a Grand Master Yoga & Meditation at Yoga Alliance International of India and a 500-hour Yoga Teacher at Yoga Alliance of the U.S.A.

She is the founder of Sahadeva Yoga studio where she teaches yoga and meditation and leads Yoga Teacher Trainings with the vision to inspire people to connect deeper to their selves and live up to their full potential.

I love collaborating with respected people who offer peace and serenity.

Photographer: Despina Kouloglou

Location: Sahadeva Yoga


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